Spring Floral Dog Bandana

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  • This bandana is over the collar, that means all you have to do is slide your pets collar through the holes in the sides of the bandana then clip it around your pets neck and BOOM, your pet is looking better than ever!!
  • Size Guide: To get an accurate measurement please measure around your pets neck. The easiest way to do this is take a phone cord and gently wrap it around their neck, then lay it flat and measure the cord where it stopped around their neck.
  • Extra Small- 10-11 inches (typically pets under 20lbs)
  • Small: 12-13 inches (typically pets 25-45lbs)
  • Medium: 14-15 inches (typically pets 50-70lbs)
  • Large: 16-17 inches (typically pets 75-85lbs)
  • Extra Large: 18-20 inches (typically pets >85lbs
  • If you are still unsure what size bandana to get your pet please send me a message of your pets neck size, weight, breed, and a picture of your dog!
  • Washing instructions: Hand-wash and lay flat to dry. Iron if needed once dry.
  • I am not responsible for any mistakes made by USPS, however, if something is wrong with your order please send me a message!
  • Thank you for your support